Atlantic City unveils new marketing slogan

“Always Turned On” has been turned off.

Thursday, “Do AC!,” Atlantic City’s new slogan and the linchpin of the town’s forthcoming marketing blitz, was unveiled. And you know what? It’s far superior to “Always Turned On,” the motto it replaces.

First of all, at a mere four letters, it is a marvel of brevity. Second, it is far edgier than “Always Turned On,” which seemed better-suited to the late 1960s than the early 21st century.

The basic message is simple: Come to Atlantic City and avail yourself of all the activities and amenities the town offers. Which is exactly the message AyCee needs to disseminate (on the other hand, did "Always Turned On" mean everyone there was always using drugs? Or did it mean the lights and appliances were never shut off?).

But, as most of us know, the verb “do” has, in recent times, assumed an…ahem…earthier connotation directly related to mankind’s most basic biological urge. And, as we all know, when it comes to advertising, sex sells. If it didn’t, “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” would never have become an icon of the marketing realm.

It’s foolish to assume a mere slogan will change the fortunes of the perennially beleaguered seaside gambling destination. But there’s no question the new tag line is a good one—and a great start to Atlantic City's latest grab for the tourism gusto.