Revel ups the nightlife ante in AyCee

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Revel's partnering with Las Vegas nightlife promotion firm Angel Management Group signals an escalation in the battle for the disco-going market in Atlantic City. The mega-resort is scheduled to open in May.

The battle for the hearts, minds and wallets of Atlantic City’s nighclubbers is sure to heat up next spring.

That's the takeaway from today's announcement that Revel Entertainment, whose $2.5 billion pleasure dome is schedule to open in mid-May, is partnering with Las Vegas-based casino-nightlife powerhouse Angel Management Group.

According to a press release, AMG has been recruited by Revel "to create unprecedented and memorable resort destination experiences" at the casino-hotel currently under construction on the eastern end of The Boardwalk next to Showboat Atlantic City.

The announcement contained no particulars, but AMG's disco portfolio includes such Vegas au courant, celebrity-magnet dens of iniquity as Pure at Caesars Palace and Wet Republic Ultra-Pool and Studio 54 at MGM Grand.

AMG is also a big-time celebrity wrangler, having worked with such bold-facers as Mariah Carey, Kanye West and Jay-Z.