Why are our campaigns so unoriginal?

How often does a campaign ad make a point and make you laugh at the same time?

One from Demcorat Manan Trivedi did both last week, with a clever riff on his party's well-worn Medicare talking points. But while the spot (described in the linked column) was original and funny, it got me wondering: how come the candidates' core messages aren't as innovative?

Across our region, there are four close races for the House, and every one is operating by the same script. Democrats hammer incumbent Republicans over the Ryan budget, its proposed Medicare overhaul and the GOP tax plan, while Republicans respond that they're preserving Medicare and keeping taxes down for everyone. Over and over and over, regardless of the particular district.

There are several decent reasons for this, political insiders and analysts explained to me last week, but it still left the lingering question: why are our campaigns so unoriginal? And couldn't some novel ideas help change our stagnant politics?

Building off of a post from last week, I took a look at the issue in Sunday's Inquirer. Here's the column, if you missed it.