Senator: I use DirecTV (but like the Comcast merger)

WASHINGTON – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) told Comcast and Time Warner executives that he doesn’t use their services – he’s a DirecTV subscriber – but he was friendly toward their proposed merger.

(And, he added, he has problems with DirecTV in bad weather).

“Most consumers want as much as they can get as cheap as they can get it – at least I do,” Graham said.

He then listed his options, even if the Comcast-Time Warner merger is approved: DirecTV, Dish, or, he said, he could “go with y’alls.”

He might also choose service from AT&T, Comcast executive vice president David L. Cohen added.

“I wouldn’t be losing a choice, I’d have a new choice with more services,” Graham said in a friendly round of questioning.

Cohen said he should let Graham take his place at the witness table.

Graham, seeming to fish for new television options, asked Cohen about Comcast’s benefits.

Cohen touted the “best in class viewing experience,” a platform with better search functions and voice control, 50,000 on-demand choices and the ability to watch 50 live channels on portable devices.

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