Runyan jabs Ted Cruz: 'time's yours'

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Jon Runyan reached back to his time as an Eagles offensive lineman today as he jabbed at Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

After House Republicans followed Cruz’s urging by voting to defund “Obamacare,” risking a standoff that could shut down the federal government, Runyan wrote this on Twitter:

Today the House voted to keep the government running. To quote Andy Reid, "time’s yours” Cruz #SenateMustAct

Runyan and nearly every House Republican had just voted for a bill that requires defunding Obamacare in order to provide the money needed to keep the government running past this month – knowing full well that Obama and the Democratic Senate will never accept that condition.

The confrontational tactic, promoted by Cruz and some of the GOP’s most conservative voices, has chafed many Republicans, who fear that if the government shutters, Republicans will bear the brunt of public fury.

Many in the House have increasingly challenged Cruz to back up his tough talk – including Philadelphia-area Republicans who are normally soft-spoken, but wary of a shutdown.

“This will give some of the passionate voices in the Senate like Ted Cruz a chance to prove their muster,” said U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan, of Delaware County. “We’ll see if Cruz and Lee and others can deliver.”

Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee has been another leading proponent of pushing for a fight that would link defunding Obamacare to funding the rest of the government.

Others made more subtle shots.

U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach (R., Pa.), of Chester County, issued a statement saying, “Now it is time for those in the Senate who have drawn a red line on defunding the health care law to show that they are ready to join us and lead.”


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