Biden, Clinton, Menendez to eulogize Lautenberg

WASHINGTON --Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez will eulogize Sen. Frank Lautenberg Wednesday in New York, Lautenberg's office said today.

Lautenberg, a World War II veteran, will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery Friday, but only after one last stop at the train station bearing his name.

Lautenberg's body will be brought to the Secaucus, N.J. train station named for him after his Manhattan funeral Wednesday morning. Lautenberg was always a staunch advocate for public transit and transportation projects in his home state.

After a ceremony at the station, Lautenberg will lie in state at the Capitol, and be buried in a private ceremony at Arlington, according to a source with knowledge of the plans.

We had the details of the ceremonies in our obituary in this morning's Inquirer.