Eck challenges Lonegan on debate

WASHINGTON -- Doctor Alieta Eck accused conservative leader Steve Lonegan of ducking her in a debate as the two run for the Republican nomination in New Jersey's special Senate election.

Eck's campaign, struggling to gain traction against the GOP front-runner, said Wednesday that Lonegan had refused an invitation from the League of Women Voters.

Eck campaign manager Thomas Roberts said Lonegan's refusal is "no surprise."

"Mr. Lonegan has run for office many times and can identify some problems facing Americans, but without solutions he would just join the ranks of those already in DC who are watching our nation's economic decline. In contrast, Dr. Eck has outlined proven, workable solutions to provide health care and reduce spending," Roberts said.

Lonegan spokesman Jonathan Meadows said the former mayor of Bogota, in North Jersey, has always refused League of Women Voters invitations, because they are "a liberal, progressive group" that supports "Obamacare, cap and trade and other liberal positions."

"We are willing to debate, we just don’t want to do it with a liberal group," Meadows said.

He said Lonegan has agreed to a television debate on News12 and accused Eck of avoiding that event. But Roberts, Eck's campaign manager, said she had agreed to that debate.



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