Dems cancel more ads in House races

National Democrats have canceled another round of ads for their Congressional candidates around Philadelphia, yanking $1.5 million worth of TV time in the final week of the campaign, a Democratic source said Monday night.

The decision sends another strong signal that local Democratic challengers are lagging behind incumbent Republicans around Philly, unlikely to achieve upsets and that national Democrats have decided to devote their resources to more promising races elsewhere.

The move by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee comes less than a week after the organization pulled $1.1 million of ads set to run in the second to last week of the campaign. Combined, the two decisions mean that the national campaign arm for Democratic House candidates won't be up on the air to help in four races that had been named top targets for Democrats trying to gain ground in Congress.

Democrats had named Pennsylvanians Kathy Boockvar, Manan Trivedi, George Badey and, in South Jersey, Shelley Adler as top challengers in races against incumbents Mike Fitzpatrick, Jim Gerlach, Patrick Meehan and Jon Runyan.

Those Democrats, however, are now on their own when it comes to financing television ads in an expensive market against incumbents who hold significant fund-raising advantages.

"After Washington Republicans cut their ad buys for Philadelphia, our strong Democratic challengers can win with President Obama's strength at the top of the ticket and by holding their opponents accountable for their Tea Party record," said DCCC spokesman Jesse Ferguson.

The DCCC has also pulled ads in Boston and Chicago, two similarly expensive media markets.

Republicans have also canceled some of their own ads around Philadelphia, but with the GOP holding several local seats that move more likely signals confidence that their incumbents are safe.