Penn releases details on its new admitted class

Anxious students will learn tomorrow at 5 p.m. whether they were admitted to the University of Pennsylvania for next fall.

And more than a few will be disappointed.

It was harder to get into Penn this year than ever before, according to statistics released by the university on Wednesday.

Only 9.9 percent — or 3,583 — of the 35,868 applicants were admitted, said Eric J. Furda, dean of admissions. The university saw an increase of nearly 15 percent in applications this year, according to Furda.

Stats on the admitted class include:

* Average SAT/ACT conversion is 2199, up two points from last year.

* Fifty-two percent of those admitted are female.

* Forty-five percent self-identify as minority students, up two percentage points from last year.

* All 50 States, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam are represented. The biggest number come from Pennsylvania (526) with 168 of those from Philadelphia. The next largest number are from New York (416), followed by California (378), New Jersey (284), Florida (157) and Texas (144).

* Fourteen percent are international with 84 countries represented: Canada (57), Korea (39), India (34), United Kingdom (34), China (29), Singapore (25), and Hong Kong (22).

* Thirteen percent are legacies.

* Twelve percent are first-generation college students.

Admitted students have until May 1 to decide whether they will attend.