NJEA calls Christie out on 'college ready' comment about Camden schools

It's a statistic that on its face sounds so horrible it keeps getting repeated. Three students in Camden city schools scored "college ready" on their SATs in 2012. 

In his state of the state address Gov. Christie brought the stat up saying "How bad is it in Camden? Last year, only three students graduated ‘college ready’." 

The reality is much more nuanced than that and a posting on the number of Camden high school graduates who have gone on to college, released by the NJEA,  provided more evidence of that.

The statistic is based on a parameter set by the college board - a 1550 out of 2400 (or about 500 per subject). It's a benchmark that 57 percent of students nationwide fail to hit.

Only about 880 students (fifity percent of seniors) in Camden took the test.

Here's what the NJEA found:

"Data from the National Student Clearinghouse, which collects college enrollment data from 95 percent of the nation’s colleges and universities, shows that 16 months after the 2011 graduations, the following percentages of graduates from Camden’s four public high schools and its public charter high school were attending institutions of higher education:

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