Forum to discuss state's involvement in Camden school district

The Camden Board of Education will host a continental breakfast Tuesday morning to discuss the role of the Regional Achievement Center (RAC) in Camden and its responsibility in the district.

David Hardy Jr., state-appointed executive director of the center, will lead a discussion on how the district and RAC are working together. The center is one of seven established statewide in districts with low test scores and high achievement gaps.

Hardy and his crew of state education specialists are assigned to help Camden administrators and teachers improve academic performance in the district following abysmal state test scores last year. Twenty-three of the city’s 26 public schools ranked among the state's lowest performers, making them "priority schools." (Read background HERE.)

Not much is known of what Hardy and his team have been doing. At a school board meeting late last year, a board member asked why Hardy didn’t attend the meetings and administrators said they would ask him to join.

The public event will be held between 10 a.m. and noon at the Waterfront Technology Center, 200 Federal St.

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