ICYMI: $500,000 of Camden state recovery funds go to charter school as part of business growth incentive plan

In case you missed it, my story in Sunday's Inquirer explained where some of Camden's state recovery money has been directed, including a $500,000 business incentive grant that recently went to one of the new charter schools in the city.

As part of the $175 million state takeover fund given to Camden in 2002, $7 million was set aside for business lease grants to stimulate business growth throughout the city.

So far, less than $3 million of the business grants has been spent, the most recent and largest chunk to date being $495,990 to the nonprofit support group for the Knowledge A to Z (KATZ) Academy Charter School.

On Thursday, state officials agreed to extend Camden's Business Incentive Grant Programs an additional year through Sept. 30, 2013, citing the program's success in bringing 576 jobs to the city and about $39 million in new rents over the next 10 years.

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Here is a LINK to the list of all the approved projects under the business incentive grants. Some of those businesses such as Agilence and JAE Enterprise no longer have offices in Camden. 

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