Local rappers record 'Camden Anthem'

Camden’s local hip-hop scene has produced what they have called “Camden Anthem.”

The 6-minute song, LISTEN HERE, led by Big Lou and various other local rappers, touches on everything from drugs and violence to politics.

“Once a proud city of 80,000 deep, now a brittle shell of what it used to be,” one raps, comparing Camden’s ruins to the Mayan's.

“They wanna blame the Bloods and Crips, when it’s the politicians that make the city the top murder list,” one of the rappers sings after a line referencing South Jersey Democratic leader George Norcross and Camden Mayor Dana Redd.

“They hit the nail on the head. It is what it is,” said Camden activist Angel Cordero, who co-founder of the Camden Education Resource Network, which educates high school drop-outs. “Some of them have seen Camden fall rapidly.”

Cordero has been promoting the song will have a cameo in the music video, scheduled to be filmed on Sunday.