Resume for Camden Parking Authority's new director of operations still MIA

As I reported in my story Sunday  there are various questions surrounding the Camden Parking Authority's recent hire- Willie E. Hunter, a politically connected former board member. The one that most people are asking is- is Mr. Hunter qualified for the job?

The Parking Authority has yet to provide Mr. Hunter's resume. When I asked for it Friday, board secretary Nyetta Fields said a "third party" handled the application process for director of operations.

Even though Mr. Hunter was officially hired on Dec. 19 and started working Thursday at the parking authority, Ms. Fields said his resume "is not here."

The third party turned out to be Cooper's Ferry Partnership. But Cooper's Ferry chief operating officer Joe Myers said after taking all resumes and applications (he acknowledged there was more than one application turned in), his office sent all the paperwork to the parking authority.

"We weren't asked to be on the selection committee," Myers said Friday.

So, was there a selection committee? If there was one, not all board members knew about it. And even so, when did they meet? The application deadline was Friday, Dec. 16. Mr. Hunter was hired at the board's Monday Dec. 19 meeting.