Trapped Mosquitos Way Up This Month

The Burlco Mosquito Control is reporting a huge spike in the number of biters it has caught in its traps the first two weeks of August, the latest numbers available.    

Instead of 4,000 mosquitos - the 13-year average for that period - the agency discovered twice as many dead insects in the traps that it has scattered across the county. 

During this same period last year, there were only 2,000 to 3,000 that were caught in the "light" traps.

Never mind that there are probably millions of mosquitos flying around free.   

Tom Verna, an entomologist with the commission, says the sharp rise is due to an increase in the salt marsh mosquito, which lives in the Pine Barrens and along the Jersey Shore.   

The other species are only slightly up.  So stop complaining if you live in the other parts of the county! Although I think complaining eases the itch. 

Verna says it may feel worse this year because of the aggressive Asian Tiger mosquito and the annoying floodwater type of mosquito.  They're the kind that keep coming back if you swat at them and miss. 

"They are faster," he said.  "And they don't let up until they get their blood meal."