Sarah Palin waxes poetic on tweets, prohibition, shutdown

At the New Egypt Speedway in New Egypt, NJ, Sarah Palin stumps for Senatorial candidate Steve Lonegan on Oct. 12, 2013. Here, from left to right: daughter Katherine Lonegan Parany; Steve Lonegan; wife Lorraine Lonegan,; daughter Brooke Lonegan; and Sarah Palin. ( APRIL SAUL / Staff )

When Sarah Palin visited NJ, she waxed poetic over tweets, prohibition, the shut-down, and the tightening Lonegan-Booker race. 

Though the tea party celebrity is known for making some outlandish remarks, her comments about Cory Booker's prolific tweets were surprising given her own love of Twitter. 

"We need a leader not a tweeter...That was poem-worthy - I've got to remember that one," she said in her stump speech for candidate Steve Lonegan at the New Egypt Speedway on Saturday.  Lonegan and Booker are running for U.S. Senate in a special election Wednesday to fill the vacancy created by the death of Frank Lautenberg.  

Palin apparently needed extra help remembering the seven-word rhyme she praised.  An AP photographer snapped a picture of the palm of her hand, revealing the words "leader not tweeter" written with a red marker.  Palin made no mention of her own tweeting history and Lonegan's recently fired strategist who said he had interpreted Booker's tweets to be a revelation he might be gay.

While Booker has 1.4 million followers, Palin has 977,000.  Lonegan has 5,200.

While Palin was talking, against the backdrop of a shiny Tea Party Express bus, Booker was tweeting "Your vote is your voice."  When conservative radio show host Mark Levin spoke before Palin, Booker was tweeting about listening to Springsteen and Bon Jovi on his campaign tour bus.   He has posted nearly 32,000 tweets. 

Palin also attacked Obama and disputed that Obamacare is "the law of the land."  As the flag-waving, patriotic-color-wearing crowd cheered, she went on: "They said that about Prohibition too, but I think you can still go and get a beer."  Tea Party leaders have suggested that people ignore the Affordable Care Act, even small business owners. 

Palin also dubbed the government shut-down a "slim-down" and said that sending Lonegan to Congress would keep the government in check.  

When Lonegan spoke, he led the crowd with chants of "Hold The Line, Hold The Line" and said that the Republicans in Congress should not give in.   

Palin predicted a Lonegan win, saying the media and the polls were lying about him being a long-shot.  "It's bull, the media is wrong," she said. 

The latest polls had Booker up by about a dozen points. 

Palin then spent as much time posing for pictures and signing autographs as she had spent delivering her speech.  As she boarded the bus, an accounting student apologized that she forgot to bring something to write on and pushed a dollar bill towards her to sign.  Palin beamed and scrawled her name.  Her fans would be able to say she was on the money in more ways than one.