Sandy-Damaged Cars Selling Fast

Mansfield Mayor Arthur Puglia surveys the thousands of flood-damaged vehicles that were hauled to a field in his township after Sandy hit. (RON TARVER/Staff)

After Hurricane Sandy hit last fall, thousands of flood-damaged vehicles were hauled to a field in Mansfield Township to be stored until they could be re-sold.  Now, it looks like they'll all be gone by the end of this month.  

Who knew there would be so many eager buyers?

A representative of Copart USA, a company that auctions salvaged vehicles online, told Mansfield officials that among the 3,500 vehicles were Ferraris and other luxury cars with minimal damage.  A car mechanic's dream?  No word yet on what they went for and if any of them actually run.

Vanco Trailer Manufacturing, the property owner, was cited for failing to get zoning approvals and for creating an eyesore in the Burlington County community.   Vanco's lawyer told the judge Thursday that all of the vehicles would be sold by March 31, according to the zoning officer.  Another hearing will be held next month to determine whether fines will be issued.

Vanco representatives could not be reached for comment. 

Zoning Officer Robin Bucchi said she was relieved that the issue is being addressed.  "I just want the cars gone - can you just move them, pay your fine, and be done with it?" she said.  Bucchi said Vanco was also cited by the Burlington County Soil Conservation office for failing to take measures to protect the ground before the vehicles were dropped off at the site.