Pheasants That Survived October Snow Face Hunters

The Rockport Pheasant Farm in Warren County, N.J., where about 55,000 pheasants were being raised as game. Thousands were killed when heavy snow in late October severely damaged the facility. (NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection.)

Pheasants who survived the October snow are now facing hunters in Medford and other wildlife management areas in New Jersey.

Thousands of pheasants at a game farm in Warren County were killed or fled when their pens collapsed under the weight of the snow on Oct. 29, according to a Department of Environmental Protection report. 

This week, about 30,000 pheasants - less than in past years - were released in wooded areas of Medford, Winslow, Glassboro and other places.  

The hunting season continues though Saturday.  Then it  picks up again Dec. 12 and 13, Dec. 15 to 31, and Jan. 2 to Feb. 20.

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