Pain in Mount Holly

Nancy Lopez
Nancy Lopez, one of the last 30 homeowners in the Gardens, is fighting for her home. (Photo by Jan Hefler)

The hold-outs who live in the rowhomes in Mount Holly Gardens don't want to move, despite the demolition all around them.  The town wants to knock down the whole neighborhood and has threatened eminent domain.  Check out the photographs that show how the town is slicing off adjoining units, leaving residents with lonely narrow dwellings full of cracks.

Most of the residents are minorities living below poverty levels.  They can't afford to move.   They've lived there for decades and have paid off their mortgages - or soon will.  Nancy Lopez, one of the residents, says she loves her house and doesn't understand why she can't stay. 

Town officials say they want to remove blight and crime.  They want to redevelop.

But Richard Dow, the only councilman against the project, says the whole idea is wrong.   "I don't believe in taking a house for another house,"  he said.