On Again, Off Again Candidate Grabs His Sneakers

Burlco Freeholder Chris Brown, who four months ago said he would not run again, last week hunted for his sneakers. 

Brown said he wanted  to spend more time with his family. His title and real estate company needed him.   He would not seek another term on the Freeholder Board.  

Chris Brown will campaign for the Eighth District seat.

"When you do politics, you have to have a lot of stars aligned.  Is it good for my family?  And my company?  As an elected official you have to be able to dedicate 100 percent of your effort to making changes in government," he said back then.     

Never mind.  Last week he announced a run for a seat in the state Assembly.   With even more responsibility.  Forget what he said before.  The economy is a big mess and he wants to help. 

It shouldn't have been a surprise.  Brown was elected to the Freeholder Board as a Democrat.  A few  months later - just as Dems were rejoicing that they finally got one of their own on the GOP-controlled board - he switched parties.  Now he's a Republican. 

 For now.