Murder/Carjacking trial starts in Mount Holly

The jury in a high-profile murder/carjacking trial that started in Burlco this week  was shown chilling evidence of the crime.  There were guns,  the accused killer's videotaped statement to police, and a "Stop Snitching" note he allegedly wrote to his girlfriend.  

Ray Milavsky, the prosecutor, played a video clip in which police asked Lenroy Laurance if he saw the blindfolded victim being led from her car to be shot on a secluded dirt road.  After a tense 39 seconds and uneasy fidgeting, he finally mumbled "I was there."

The prosecutor also displayed handguns and EZ-Pass records that showed the erratic path that Laurance and his three co-defendants took after they took over the woman's car.  For five hours she was left lying on the floor of the backseat while they zigzagged up and down the New Jersey Turnpike.   

Finally, there was the note Laurance allegedly wrote to his girlfriend after his arrest.  "Stop Snitching" was scrawled on the envelope in red letters. 

The trial resumes Tuesday.