Mosquito Spraying Scheduled To Control Pest

More mosquitos carrying the deadly West Nile Virus have been discovered in Burlco.  A crew is heading out in trucks Wednesday night to fog the area.    

Mosquito traps placed at the Florence Sewage Treatment Plant recently turned up positive samples of the virus, which can be fatal in the elderly or those with health problems.  Residents who live nearby are asked to stay indoors when the mosquito trucks go out from 5:30 p.m. to midnight.  

The mosquito trucks are not the same as those that entered neighborhoods in the 60s, like Pied Pipers, emitting fluffy clouds of sweet-smelling pesticide that mysteriously attracted children.  (See

The newer trucks spray a mist with a less enticing look and scent. 

The Burlco Mosquito Control Division has discovered 31 cases of West Nile mosquitos this summer, down from 48 last year.  But the season lingers, and the mosquitos continue to bite.