Medford Deals With A Sex Scandal and Turnover on Council

Medford Township is in turmoil as embarrassed residents clamor for the mayor to resign after he was accused in a sex scandal.  Last month, an unidentified male escort e-mailed town officials and a local newspaper to say Mayor Chris Myers had paid him $500 for sex. 

The man also provided a link to a website that contained pictures of a man who resembled Myers and who was lying on a bed in his underwear.  Since then, the website, used by male escorts, disappeared.  

Myers, a family man, denies the allegations and won't resign.  He skipped a town meeting on Monday and missed hearing residents complain about his spotty attendance record.  Two days later, David J. Brown, a longtime councilman and Myers' supporter, abruptly resigned.  In a letter to the town clerk he said he was "resigning immediately." 

If Myers does the same, the all-Republican, five-member council will consist of all newcomers in January.   Two other councilman decided a few weeks ago not to run for another term.  Before that, another council person was ousted for violating a residency rule during a divorce.  

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