Longtime Burlco College President Retires

Robert C. Messina (Photo by Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Robert C. Messina Jr., who shepherded Burlington County College the past 25 years, retired this week. 

Under his leadership, the school's campuses quadrupled.  The programs multiplied, and now include a comprehensive culinary arts curriculum that was added last year.   

"It was fun watching the students prosper," Messina, 66, said on the eve of his retirement on Wednesday.  Students said he was hands-on, holding regular Q and As over pizza lunches and offering to help them get into bachelor degree programs.

During his tenure, he crafted an agreement with Drexel so that students could attend BCC the first two years - paying about $3,000 in tuition each year - and then earn their bachelor's degree in engineering from Drexel, while remaining on campus.  

Read about his career and the changes that he brought to BCC here: http://bit.ly/zZ8lLH