Gov. Christie Called Last Night - SLAM

Chris Christie. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Maybe I should have been flattered when Gov. Christie called me at home last night.  But as soon as he started his spiel, I slammed down the phone and cursed.  

When Jon Runyan blurted out half his message, several different nights, I did the same. 

The robo-calls this election cycle have been merciless. 

I've gotten at least two dozen calls, some from live volunteers.  I politely told them 'thank you' and now please remove my name from the list.  When the phone didn't stop ringing, and I got as many as 4 calls a night, my request took on a bit of an edge.  But that didn't seem to matter.

Why is it solicitors may not call me, under federal law, but these guys can?  How dare they, especially when they've been asked to stop?      

The GOP has targetted Burlington County for an aggressive get-out-the-vote push because Republicans believe they could pick up a seat or two in District 7, thanks to redistricting.  Read an Inquirer account of the bitter race here:

I vote every year, and annoying calls have nothing to do with it.  I'm sure the lazy folks who sit home aren't budged by these constant pleas either.  I just don't see the point. 

When I sit back down to watch TV, I start to settle down.  But then a barrage of attack ads start to grate.  Some are downright ugly.  Even hilarious.  The GOP is running an ad that shows a bony hand rising from the grave and that warns people it will be scary if Dems are elected.  It's the old paranoia, conspiracy card. Then, the Dems paint a picture of insensitive Republicans who only love millionaires.  I've seen that far-fetched pitch many times before.     

I don't live in a district where the Dems are trying to make inroads, but I would be just as unhappy if they were to invade my space over and over again with their pitch.  Bill Clinton, I hear, is calling Philadelphians to get them to come out and pull the lever for Michael Nutter.  The details are here:

I'm just glad it's almost over.  Soon I will go back to watching a different type of commercial.  The one that beats you over the head with the notion that beer is the key to popularity, happiness, and ignorant bliss.