Family Dog Kills Rabid Raccoon

A dog killed a rabid raccoon during a vicious fight in the backyard of a Moorestown home last week.  Robin Sutton, a Burlco assistant environmental health coordinator, said the homeowner alerted the Animal Control officer afterwards.  Tests confirmed this week that the raccoon had rabies, a deadly disease.

The pet dog, whose rabies shots were up to date, is currently being monitored to make sure he doesn't develop symptoms, Sutton said.  She declined to release the family's name and did not know the breed of the dog.  The incident occurred in the 500 block of East Main Street.

Another raccoon that had rabies was also found last week, in the backyard of a homeowner in Medford. That animal was dead.

Sutton said there have been 14 cases of rabid animals in Burlco this year.  Except for one bat and one skunk, they were all raccoons.   The bat was found dead, lying on a yard in Mansfield Township on Friday.