Every Single Vote Counts - At Least in Beverly

Bob Thibault squeaked out a win in a race for a seat on the Beverly City Council by a single vote. The final tally: 291-290.

From a tiny, hardscrabble Burlco city on the Delaware comes proof that every single vote counts. 

It should be enough to inspire any lazy person who sat home during the last election to get out and be heard.  

 When the mail-in votes cast in the Nov. 8 race in Beverly City were recently certified, Bob Thibault had won a seat on council.  The official tally: 291-290.

"To win by one, it means every one of those one votes put me over.  Every voter counted.  They each helped me win," gushed Thibault, a construction company owner.  He captured a seat on the five-member city council. 

Don Arter, who was edged out, said he will not seek a recount.  After all, he and Thibault were running mates on the Republican ticket, vying for two open seats on council.  The top vote-getter was Brian Perkins, a Democrat, and Thibault came in second.

The last recount in Beverly was in 2005 when the incumbent mayor, Robert Lowden Jr., a Democrat, lost by 4 votes to Jean Wetherill, a Republican.

So get out and vote.  It just might matter.