Delaware River mishaps

There was lots of speculation when Palmyra Police reported finding an unidentified body in the Delaware River hours after Philadelphia Marine Police launched a search for a man who went missing after jumping in.

Was he the same guy?

"That's been ruled out," said Pa. Fish and Boat Commission Officer Erin Czech who had requested the ongoing search.  "The description of the body was the opposite of the man we're looking for."

Philadelphia Police said the man jumped off a boat to take a swim in the Delaware, close to the city shores, and disappeared around 11:30 p.m. Saturday. 

Then, Palmyra Police found a body of a man in the waters close to New Jersey side around 7 a.m. Sunday.  A woman had contacted police after seeing the man walk into the water that morning.

But police wanted to be sure.  

"We contacted Philadelphia Detectives and they came right over," said Palmyra Chief Scott Pearlman.  After comparing notes, they knew the two incidents were "totally unrelated" he said.

Police released a composite picture of the unidentified man today. 

Call police at 856-829-0191 if he looks familiar.