Burlington Island Eyed For A Theme Park

Conceptual plan of Burlington Island, phase 3.

Burlington Island, an oasis in the Delware River, could be developed as a historical theme park - if it isn't used as a dumping ground for dredge spoils. 

Woolman Community Development, a Mount Holly start-up, is proposing a re-created Lenni Lenape and trader's village on the 400-acre island between Burlington City and Bristol.  Plans call for boat rentals, a campgrounds, an archeological dig, a living history museum, walking trails, and a boat-building school.

It's not the first time the uninhabited island has been targeted for recreation.  Years ago, Philadelphia entreprenuer Sam Katz proposed a golf resort, but that plan - and others - have fizzled.

Meanwhile, the southern tip of the island is being considered as a site to deposit dredge spoils to make the river more navigable.  City officials and the developer says that would spell disaster for the plan and for the aesthetics in the city.  

Read more about the development plan here:   http://bit.ly/z4bom6