Carl Lewis, Mickey Mouse Among the Write-Ins

stewart penacoli
Comedy Central news kidder Jon Stewart (left), was among the write-ins on Burlco ballots (AP Photo)

After a nail-biting legal competition, Olympic Champ Carl Lewis was disqualified in the race for a NJ Senate seat in the 8th District.  But that didn't stop more than 150 Burlington County voters from writing in his name.  Diehards! 

Lewis, whose residency creds broke his stride, didn't make it to the finish line.  That honor went to Dawn Addiego.  Her name appeared on the ballot as an unopposed candidate.

Voters who didn't like either choice went with Mickey Mouse, a perennial favorite of the disillusioned, and Jon Stewart.  Give me an M.   

More than 100 others delighted in naming Dumbo, Mr. Magoo, Christiesucks, Weedman, Any One Else, Jesus Christ, FDR, Stephen Colbert, Goofy, and "No" in protest ballots.  It's the American way. 

One voter typed in Ronald Bookbinder, the county's top judge.  Maybe that voter just wanted to express thanks for a recent ruling.  Who knows? 

Then there was the voter who went with Turd Sandwich.   

Meanwhile, write-in Burlco Freeholder candidate Paul Bracy got more than 125 votes.  That's roughly 38,000 votes shy of a victory.  His sign-waving on busy streets, his earnest Facebook campaign and his unconventional interviews made him the king of the write-ins in that race.