Warminster 911 Call

Andrew G. Cairns, 49 (inset), was charged with homicide after a standoff and shootout with police Feb. 19 - 20 at the Jefferson on the Creek apartment complex in Warminster that left an 89-year-old neighbor dead. (Emily Babay / Staff)

Yesterday, Bucks Co. District Attorney David Heckler said that police fired the shot that killed 89-year old Marie Zienkewicz during a February shootout with Andrew Cairns. But Cairns, Heckler said, was being charged with homicide because his shots at police instigated the incident.

The full story can be read here.

Bonus material: below are links to two excerpts of the 911 call that Heckler said was made by Cairns' girlfriend, Deborah Silva. Silva, who Heckler said was intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, called 911 to report that Cairns was trying to shoot himself. When police responded, Heckler said, Cairns began firing out the window at the officers.

Silva stayed on the line for about 27 minutes after she placed the call, Heckler said, which incldued the moments when the police mistakenly shot Zienkewicz.

UPDATE: according to Assistant District Attorney Nate Spang, the first excerpt is from about 5:30 into the call, the second clip is from around 14 minutes into the call. All of the shots heard in the background, he said, were fired by Cairns. Heckler said yesterday that the police officer who shot Zienkewicz fired four shots around 17 minutes after the 911 call was placed.

First excerpt

Second excrept