Neshaminy teachers get more pay, fewer benefits in new contract

In case you missed it in today's Inquirer, Neshaminy's teachers have a new contract after working for five years under an expired agreement.

The Neshaminy school board gave final approval to the contract Thursday night, officially ending the longest stalemate between a union and a district in recent state history.

The new deal, which lasts through June 2015, does not include retroactive pay for the district's teachers. (They taught without raises for half a decade). But the agreement significanlty increases salaries, paying teachers as much as their counterparts in Council Rock.

Neshaminy's teachers will lose some rare -- and expensive -- perks, however. They'll start contributing towards their health insurance premiums and the district will no longer give free health care to retirees with more than 10 years in the district. 

Ritchie Webb, Neshaminy's school board president, said the contract - and specifically the elimination of such perks -- will save the district at least $2.5 million in the next two years despite the salary increases.

In a statement released late last night, the union said it was pleased with the salary upgrade as well as the ability to retain current class sizes. 

You can read the full contract or view the school board's power point presentation, which offers a summary minus the legalese.