Neshaminy board, teachers negotiate face-to-face

With the state mediator absent, board President Richie Webb and teachers union President Louise Boyd discussed financial issues for two-and-one-half hours on Monday night, the district reported in an e-mail.

The talks focused on health care, contributions, retirement perks, longevity, and other financial issues, the district said. The union acknowledged that the board's $4.8-million figure for step costs was closer than its $1.2-million estimate, the district said.

The union is getting help from the American Federation of Teachers to analyze the numbers, the district said. 

Webb, assisted by district lawyer Charles Sweet, repeated the board's rejection of retroactive pay, the district said. 

Boyd, who was assisted by union lawyer Tom Jennings, said in an e-mail, "Substantial efforts were made by the negotiators to identify the precise cost impacts of the principal issues separating the parties."

The next negotiation is scheduled for Aug. 29, the night before the first day of school. Unless an agreement is reached by then, the district will start its fourth school year without a contract -- the longest current impasse in the state.