Mom strikes deal over involvement in son's threats to kill at Council Rock

A Northampton mother has struck a plea deal over allegations that she gave guns to her son, a 14-year-old boy who was arrested for threatening to kill students and staff at Council Rock High School-South.

Lizabeth Donohoe will plead guilty to child endangerment and marijuana possession, both misdemeanors. The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office will drop a felony charge of providing a minor with a weapon. The deal was struck on Tuesday.

In December, a week after the deadly school shooting in Connecticut, Donohoe’s ninth-grade son made statements at school "indicating that he was going to bring a gun and knives into the school building Friday morning and randomly kill students and staff," police said.

A tip led the cops to Donohoe’s home, where they found in the boy’s room two World War II-era handguns, a replica AK-47 rifle, knives and machetes.

Matt Weintraub, of the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, said the plea deal doesn’t change the facts of the case. Donohoe is responsible for the guns ending up in her son’s room, he said.

Donohoe’s attorney, Lou Busico, disagreed.

 “She finally feels vindicated because she always denied that she had anything to do with the incident at Council Rock high school,” he said. “She looks forward to putting this behind her. She is a single mom who worked very hard to provide her son with the shelter and benefits of a suburban life.”

A Bucks County juvenile court found her son deliquent in January. He is still incarcerated in a juvenile facility.