Girl, 8, bites man to escape kidnapping

Morrisville police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap an 8-year-old girl Monday afternoon but let her go when she bit his hand.

The girl was playing in a heavily traveled alleyway behind the 300 block of W. Bridge Street where children often hangout, police said. A crowd of kids had broken up, leaving only the girl and a younger boy when a man pulled up in a four-door sedan about 4 p.m..

The man grabbed the girl, placed his hand over her mouth and dragged her toward his car. She fought back, kicking and biting the hand he placed over her mouth. He released her and drove off, police said.

Tree limbs prevented nearby video cameras from capturing a clear image of the man. He was black, in his 50s and drove a light-colored sedan that could’ve been a Honda, Acura or Lexus. Anyone with information should call officers John Aspromonti and Erica McIntyre at 215-295-8112.