Bristol attempted murder case makes it to Discovery’s “Dates from Hell” show

She was pregnant with his child and thought this was going to be the night her boyfriend would propose.

Instead, he smoked drug-laced marijuana and stabbed her in the throat and chest.

The story of this real life evening of horror in Bristol, Bucks County, is portrayed in a recent episode of “Dates from Hell” on the Investigation Discovery cable channel.

For 21 minutes, the show weaves together dramatic re-enactments and talking-head interviews with Jessica Field, the woman who survived the attack, and Bristol Sgt. Detective Randy Morris, who investigated it, among others.

Glenn Witherspoon, the boyfriend who has a history of mental illness, is serving 8 to 16 years in prison.          

“Jessica is hoping for a wedding ring but Glenn has got an even bigger surprise up his sleeve,” the narrator said.   

As dramatic music builds the tension, actors portraying Field and Witherspoon sit in a car near the Delaware River.  

“He was hiding something in his sleeve,” Field said in her interview. “I thought it would’ve been an engagement ring.”

Glenn pulled out a butcher knife instead, motivated by the belief that the baby wasn't his, police said.

The episode, “Love You to Death” was broadcast last month. But it can be purchased on Amazon or through the show’s website for $1.99.  

Field would go on to have a baby boy. He is doing fine.