Solebury family sickened by carbon monoxide fumes

A Solebury Township family was hospitalized Wednesday morning after they were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes from a gas generator, police said.

A young boy was suffering convulsions when the fire department arrived about 4:40 a.m., Solebury police Chief Dominick Bellizzie said.

The father (no age given); mother, 46; and boys, ages 4 and 7, were being treated at St. Mary Medical Center and were doing well, the chief said. He withheld the victims’ names.

The generator was running in the family’s garage with the door open, but fumes “permeated the house and sickened the family,” Bellizzie said.

The carbon monoxide level exceeded 500 parts per million, “which I’m told is extremely high,” the chief said.

A report of a New Hope family being sickened  by carbon monoxide fumes turned out to be a Solebury resident who complained about a neighbor’s noisy generator.