Seven polling places relocated for Election Day

The county Board of Elections voted Tuesday to relocate seven polling places in Hilltown, Upper Southampton and Warminster townships for the Nov. 6 elections.

Four of the polls will return to their permanent sites after temporary relocations.

The board, which consists of county Commissioners Rob Loughery, Charles Martin and Diane Ellis-Marseglia, unanimously relocated polling places in the following districts:

Hilltown Twp Fairhill #1: From St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 1530 Augsburg Dr., Hilltown, a temporary site, to Calvary Church of Souderton, 820 Route 113, Souderton.

Upper Southampton Twp. East 2: From Fred J. Stackpole Elementary School, 1350 Strathmann Road, Southampton, which is closing, to North and Southampton Reformed Church, 1380 Bristol Road, Churchville.

Upper Southampton Twp. North 3 and North 4: From Klinger Middle School, 1415 2nd Street Pike, Southampton, a temporary site, to Davis Elementary School, 475 Maple Ave., Southampton, which is re-opening.

Warminster Twp #1 and #17: From Longstreth Elementary School
999 Roberts Road, Warminster, which is closing, to Archbishop Wood High School, 655 York Road, Warminster.

Warminster Twp #6: From Log College Middle School, 730 Norristown Road, Warminster, a temporary site, to Willow Dale Elementary School, 720 Norristown Road, Warminster, which is re-opening.

Warminster Twp #7:  From Alta S. Leary Elementary School, 157 Henry Ave., Warminster, which is closing, to Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 10 Greene Road, Warminster.       

Warminster Twp #10 and #16: From Abington Health Center-Warminster Campus, 225 Newtown Road, Warminster, a temporary location, to William Tennent High School, 333 Centennial Road, Warminster, where renovations are complete.

The board also approved a $3 million Open Space Referendum for Warrington Township voters.

For information about the county’s 304 voting districts, go to the Board of Elections pages on the official county website,