Teen told to have sex with mom's friend, take locker room photos

Tattoo artist Walter Meyerle tried to force a 17-year-old Croydon girl to have sex with her mother’s boyfriend and to take photos of classmates in a school locker room, according to evidence presented Thursday on the fourth day of his child-sex-abuse trial.

Meyerle, 35, of Falls Township, tried blackmailing the teenager, threatening to send her mother nude photos the girl had taken, according to the exchanges presented in Bucks County Court.

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Walter Meyerle. (Bill Reed/Staff)

One of the photos admitted into evidence was of the teenager, topless, with her breasts being touched by her 9–year-old sister.

“Payback is a bitch,” Meyerle told the teenager, angry that she would not tease and have sex with her mother’s boyfriend, according to the exchanges.

“Now you will have no friends when they see what you did with kids,” he told her, accorsing to the exchanges read by Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Schorn.

Meyerle is charged with about 200 sex-abuse crimes against 15 children ages 4 to 17, allegedly committed from 1998 to 2011. If found guilty on all counts, he could face about 150 years in prison.

The Croydon teenager was introduced to Meyerle in 2010 by a girlfriend who also was a victim, according to her account.

In a series of exchanges from February and March 2011, the teenager and Meyerle sounded  like a couple, with texts such as “LOL,” “Love you,” and “Did I make you happy?” Most of the exchanges involved phone sex, with Meyerle telling the teen what he wanted. 

He convinced the teen to send him nude photos, promising to delete them. But when he got angry with her, because she failed to meet his demands, he threatened to send them to her mother, according to the exchanges.

One of the demands that the 9th grader resisted was to take photos of girls in the locker room at Benjamin Franklin Freshman Academy in Bristol Township, according to the prosecution’s presentation.

When she balked, he said he was “done” with her and threatened to send her nude photos to her friends and mother.

“That’s the last time you tell me ‘no,’” he said in one exchange.

The teen said she would take the photos another day, but she never did, authorities said.