Teen: Meyerle raped her, got her pregnant

Tattoo artist Walter Meyerle had sex with a 15-year-old Yardley girl over a five-month period, raped her after she ended the relationship and made her pregnant, according to her account read in Bucks County Court on Wednesday.

Meyerle, 35, of Falls Township, who is on trial on charges of about 200 alleged sex crimes against 15 children, told the girl “she’d have a surprise in nine months” after he raped her in 2002, according to the account read by Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Schorn.

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Walter Meyerle. (Bill Reed/Staff)

During the alleged rape, the girl cried, and Meyerle said her “tears were sexy” and “turned him on," according to the account.

About eight weeks later, the girl suffered from morning sickness, missed school and told her mother, who gave her a pregnancy test. She ultimately had an abortion at the Women’s Center in Philadelphia, according to the account.

The girl could not say whether she became pregnant as a result of the alleged rape or from intercourse she had with Meyerle during their relationship. They had sex 15 to 20 times during the five-month period, according to the account.

After that period, Meyerele “turned weird,” demanding she and a girlfriend have phone sex with him and threatening to kill them if they didn't do it, she told police in the account. He also ordered her to have phone sex with her father, she said.

She and the girlfriend pretended to have phone sex with Meyerle more than 10 times, she said. He asked for her to have phone sex with her father more than five times, but she never did, according to her account.

One night, when she refused Meyerle's demands for phone sex, he threatened to kill he and her friend, she said. Whenever he threatened them, they would push furniture in front of the door, according to the account.

Meyerle eventually stopped calling her, but he raped her at a party in Croydon, according to the account.

The account was presented on the third day of the trial before Judge Diane E. Gibbons.

Meyerle’s two court-appointed lawyers have stipulated that the accounts accurately represent the witness' testimony, though not the factual accuracy of events. The defense retains the right to challenge the accounts during the trial and on appeal.