Your (12th Set of) 76er Starters!!!

With Thaddeus Young making his first start of the season Monday in Orlando, the Sixers will be using their 12th different starting lineup of this short season.

Below are those 12 combinations and their respective records:

Brand Iguodala   Hawes Holiday Meeks  10-2
Brand Iguodala Battie Holiday Meeks    5-3
Brand Iguodala Vucevic   Holiday   Meeks      3-5
Allen Iguodala Hawes Holiday Meeks    2-0
Brand Iguodala Allen Holiday Meeks    4-5
Nocioni   Iguodala Allen Holiday Meeks    0-1
Allen Iguodala Battie Holiday Meeks    0-1
Brand Iguodala Vucevic Holiday Turner    1-2
Brand Iguodala Battie Holiday Turner    2-0
Brand Iguodala Hawes Holiday Turner    3-8
Brand Turner Hawes Holiday Meeks    1-1
Brand Iguodala  T. Young Holiday Meeks      ?