From Where Do SB Winning Coaches Come?

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. (Gail Burton/Staff Photographer)

A total of 28 head coaches have won the 46 Super Bowls. Only four of them came directly from a college program to that job. The last of those four was Barry Switzer in 1995, who had been retired from Oklahoma for a half-decade before taking the Cowboys' job.

None of the last 12 Super Bowl-winning coaches came directly from a college, although 10 of the 12 had at least some coaching experience (head or assistant) on the college level. The only two of those 12 that did not were Bill Cowher and Bill Belichick.

Four of those 12 SB winners since 1996 came to their job from another NFL head coaching job and another four came from an NFL offensive coordinator's job. That's one reason we feel that Denver OC Mike McCoy might be the Eagles' best bet.

But our main reason for thinking the Eagles should hire McCoy as head coach is that four of those 12 were named "Mike" (McCarthy, Tomlin, Shanahan, Holmgren).

Here are the immediate previous jobs for all Super Bowl-winning head coaches (total Super Bowl wins in parentheses):

   Super Bowl-Winning Seasons
 Previous Job  1996-2011     1966-95   
 NFL Head Coach  4 (5)  1 (1)
 NFL Offensive Coor.  4 (5)  1 (3)
 NFL Defensive Coor.  2  4 (10)
 NFL Asst. Coach  2 (4)  6 (8)
 College Head Coach        0  3 (6)
 College Asst. Coach  0  1
    Total Coaches  12  16
    (Total SB Wins)  (16)  (30)