Where Iggy Ranks

Many basketball fans in the city have been hoping for Andre Iguodala's departure from the Sixers for almost as long as he has been here. And now that he's leaving, he has certainly left his mark.

He is seventh on the Sixers' all-time scoring list (not including the franchise's tenure in Syracuse). He leaves having played more regular season games than Charles Barkley and averaging more minutes per game than all but three players that have pulled on the red, white and blue.

Here is where Iggy stands among Sixers' career leaders:

POINTS                      GAMES PLAYED
 Allen Iverson  19,931    Maurice Cheeks  853
 Julius Erving  18,364  Julius Erving  836
 Hal Greer  15,177  Hal Greer  754
 Charles Barkley  14,184  Allen Iverson  722
 Billy Cunningham     13,626  Steve Mix  668
 Maurice Cheeks  10,429  Billy Cunningham  654
 Andre Iguodala    9,422  Bobby Jones  617
 Chet Walker    8,086  Andre Iguodala  615
 Fred Carter    7,673  Charles Barkley  610
 Hersey Hawkins    7,657  Samuel Dalembert  582
 Wilt Chamberlain    7,651  Aaron McKie  536
 Steve Mix    7,559  Luke Jackson  522
 Wilt Chamberlain  46.3  Maurice Cheeks  7.28  
 Allen Iverson  41.4  Andre Miller  6.86
 Jerry Stackhouse  37.8  Wilt Chamberlain  6.78
 Andre Iguodala  37.7  Eric Snow  6.56
 Charles Barkley  37.3  Jeff Hornacek  6.54
 Jim Jackson  37.3  Dana Barros  6.40
 Hal Greer  37.2  Allen Iverson  6.07
 Tom Van Arsdale  37.1  Johnny Dawkins  5.74
 Jeff Hornacek  36.8  Rickey Green  5.23
 Andre Miller  36.8  Jrue Holiday  5.00
 Chris Webber  36.3  Andre Iguodala  4.86
 Hersey Hawkins  36.1  Archie Clark  4.66