USF Bulls Gave Philly Fits

You can't blame the Philadelphia college basketball community if they don't care to see the University of South Florida men's team anytime soon.

The Bulls' victory over Temple in an NCAA first-round game Friday capped a perfect 4-0 season against Philly teams. That includes two regular season wins over Villanova and another over the Wildcats in the Big East Tournament.

And while USF has been winning ugly all year, with a a defense that sets offenses back to the pre-shot clock era, it was especially effective against the two Big 5 clubs.

Below are how the Temple/Villanova four-game totals matched up to the Bulls' opponents in their other 32 games.

♦ TU/VU scored 199 points against South Florida in 160 minutes of play, an average of under 50 per game.

♦ The Owls/Wildcats combined to shoot 21.7% on three-pointers in the four games, and just 34% overall.

♦ USF's other 32 opponents shot almost as well overall (39.1%) as the Philly teams did just inside the arc (39.9%).

♦ The "other" opponents managed 3.5 more rebounds per game and three more assists against South Florida than the Owls and the Wildcats.

♦ Going back to the 2011 Big East Tournament, five of USF's last 23 victories have come against Big 5 clubs.

 Games  4  32
 Record  4-0  18-14
 Points  199  1838
    Avg.  49.75  57.40
 Field Goals  68-198       653-1668   
    Pct.  34.3%  39.1%
 2-Pt. Field Goals  55-138  487-1128
    Pct.  39.9%  43.2%
 3-Pt Field Goals       13-60  166-540
    Pct.  21.7%   30.7%
 Free Throws  50-69  366-520
    Pct.  72.5%  70.4%
 Rebounds/Gm.  27.25  30.75
 Personal Fouls/Gm.    21.25  15.66
 Assists/Gm.  8.50  11.50 
 Turnovers/Gm.  11.25  11.00 
 Blocked Shots/Gm.  3.00  3.31 
 Steals/Gm.  6.50   6.94