Tuesday High Noon Stat Soup

♦ The Inquirer's Phil Anastasia points out that in the last six months, South Jersey athletes have won two Olympic Gold Medals (Carla Lloyd, Jordan Burroughs), the American League Rookie of the Year Award (Mike Trout) and the Super Bowl MVP (Joe Flacco).

♦ ESPN Stats & Info went over the last 55 NFL postseason games and found just two flags thrown in the final two minutes of a game for either defensive holding or defensive pass interference.

♦ ES&I also points out that Flacco (9-4) and Peyton Manning (9-11) have the same number of playoff victories on their resume. Manning has been eliminated in his first playoff game eight times; Flacco has never lost his first postseason contest.

♦ Tuesday is Day 20 of the Chip Kelly era. In case you've forgotten, the Andy Reid era lasted 5,104 days.

♦ From Jan. 1 to Jan. 23, the Sixers and Flyers combined to go 3-11. Since Jan. 24, the two teams have gone 7-4.

♦ After their game Monday, the Orlando Magic (15.85) and the Sixers (16.68) are averaging fewer free throws per game than any team in the NBA ... Ever! The 2005-06 Phoenix Suns hold the current record for fewest FTA per game (18.0). Last season's Sixers are second (18.2).