The Sixy Raul Ibanez

Raul Ibanez is the only major leaguer to get six singles in a nine-inning game in the last 49 seasons.

Seven years ago Thursday, when he was with the Seattle Mariners, Ibanez did so in a 16-6 victory over the Angels in Anaheim. He managed to knock in five runs and scored one himself. Three of his hits came with two out.

White Sox outfielder Floyd Robinson had been the previous player to do so, on July 22, 1962.

A look at Ibanez' night:

Inn.   Situation   Outs   Pitcher Play   RBI  
2nd Man on 1st 1 Bartolo Colon    Singled to left 0
3rd None on 1 Bartolo Colon Singled to right 0
4th 2nd & 3rd 2 Bartolo Colon Singled to center    2
5th 1st & 2nd 2 Scot Shields Singled to center 1
6th Bases Loaded    2 Scott Dunn Singled to left 2
8th Man on 2nd 0 Scott Dunn Singled to right 0