The Sixers' $24,000 Minute

Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson earned over $22 million this season and failed to reach four digits in minutes played. (Matt Slocum/AP file)

Now that Andrew Bynum has officially joined Jason Richardson on the Sixers' "Done For The Season" list, we can crunch some numbers and see just how much exactly the club's big offseason trade cost ... Tap, tap, tap ... Tap, tap, tap ... Tap, tap, tap ... Whirl ... Whirl ... and ... Cha-Ching!!!! ... And the answer is ... 

Twenty-Four Thousand, Two Hundred Thirty-Nine Dollars and Ninety-Eight Cents ...

... PER MINUTE!!!!

Hard to believe, Harry Gross, but you can crunch the numbers yourself below. The two earned over $22 million this season and failed to reach four digits in minutes played (all of them Richardson's, by the way, in case you were wondering).

By contrast, the three players the Sixers gave up in the four-team deal last summer are making about $4 million less and have already played six times as many minutes. Projecting their playing time — (FYI, Andrew, that is the number of minutes players spend playing on the court for a real, live game) — over the rest of the season, they should finish with over 7,000 minutes, making their return a little over $2,500 a minute. Certainly not chump change, but a small pittance compared to what the Sixers paid for and got.

What they really got, was rooked.

 OUTGOING  Salary  Minutes     Per Minute
 Andre Iguodala  $14,968,250    2263  $  6,614.34
 Nikola Vucevic  $  1,719,480  2199  $     781.94  
 Moe Harkless  $  1,731,960  1391  $  1,245.12 
    Totals  $18,419,690  5853  $  3,147.05
    Projected  $18,419,690  7168  $  2,569.71
 Andrew Bynum  $16,899,000        0          ∞
 Jason Richardson     $  5,799,625    936  $  6,196.18
    Totals  $22,688,625    936  $24,239.98