The Return of Mr. Phillie (Part 4)

Barring rainouts or other scheduling glitches, Wednesday June 25 could be a special day for Larry Bowa.

That day — the Miami Marlins will be visiting Citizens Bank Park — could mark the 4,000th regular season game that Bowa has spent as a dugout member of the Phillies, as a player, coach or manager.

(Full accounting disclosure: We included all the team's games played while he was a coach and a player, even if he was on the disabled list, but did not count the two games Gary Varsho managed when Bowa was relieved of his managerial duties in 2004.)

As a point of reference, Ernie Banks didn't even reach 3,000 such games as Cub (2,528 as a player, 317 as a coach) and although Carl Yastrzemski played over 3,300 games with the Red Sox, he didn't manage them and we don't think he ever coached them.

There was Connie Mack,who managed his Philadelphia A's for a couple zillion games but never played for them ... and long-time (4400+ games) Giant manager John McGraw had a cup of coffee with them as a player ... so they are already in the 4,000-game club.

But other than those two old-timers, we were hard-pressed at a quick glance to find any other major league player that has been an on-field member of a major league team for 4,000 games.

If you got one, send me an email ( If you got one and it checks out, we'll give you the credit.


   Seasons   Yrs.   G  W  L  T 
 Player  1970-81  12  1883   962   920  1
 Coach  1988-96   9  1394   644   748  2
 Manager   2001-04   4   645   337   308  0
 Totals    25  3922   1943   1976   3