The President's Day Precedent, Part 1

(BoopNote: We will address this situation — how often the regular season's best team has won the title lately — for each of the other three major sports throughout the day. Next up: baseball at 4 p.m., if you can stand it.)

At a reader's (or is it a "viewer's") suggestion, in honor of President's Day we've been asked to take a look at the most recent President's Trophy winners (which goes to the NHL's top regular season team) and see how often that team has emerged with the Stanley Cup.

Turns out, not too often, unless you are the Detroit Red Wings. They are the only team in the last nine seasons to finish what they started in the regular season. In fact, we just realized that the Stanley Cup has been won by eight different teams the last eight times it has been awarded. (The Flyers, if they could get their act together, could extend that string. But I wouldn't hold your breath or put the kids' college tuition money down on it.)

Since 1989-90, only five of the 21 President's Trophy winners have won the Cup. Here are the last 10:

Season No. 1 Team Record Pts.    Elimininated in Titlist
2010-11 Canucks 54-19-  9 
117 Stanley Cup Finals
2009-10 Capitals 54-15-13 121 First Round Blackhawks  
2008-09    Sharks 53-18-11 117 First Round Penguins
2007-08 Red Wings 54-21-  7 115 Red Wings
2006-07 Sabres
Red Wings
53-22-  7
Conference Finals
Conference Finals
2005-06 Red Wings 58-16-  8 124 First Round Hurricanes
2003-04 Red Wings     48-21-11 109 Conference Semifinals Lightning
2002-03 Senators 52-21-  8 113 Conference Finals Devils
2001-02 Red Wings 51-17-10 116 Red Wings
2000-01 Avalanche 52-16-10 118 Avalanche