The Phillies' Best of Starts

Domonic Brown went 3-for-5 with an RBi in the Phillies' 16-1 win over the Mets. (Frank Franklin II/AP)

By the time Domonic Brown singled to extend the Phillies' opening salvo against the Mets Thursday night to six consecutive hits, we had already looked up the Phillies' record for most safeties at the start of the game.

That would be eight (also tied for the major league mark) done by the 1975 Phillies in a 13-5 victory over the Cubs at Veterans Stadium on Aug. 5.

The game also featured Bob Boone's only career pinch-hit triple. (Anytime we can get the words "Bob Boone" and "triple" in the same sentence, we do so.)

Here is how the Phils' first inning went that night (*Ken Crosby replaced Bill Bonham on the mound for the Cubs before Oates batted):

 Batter  At-Bat  Runners  Score 
 Dave Cash  Singled to CF  —    0-0
 Larry Bowa  Singled to RF  Cash to 2B    0-0
 Garry Maddox  Homered  Cash, Bowa scored    3-0
 Greg Luzinski  Singled to CF  —    3-0
 Jay Johnstone  Doubled to LF  Luzinski to 3B    3-0
 Tommy Hutton  Doubled to CF  Luzinski, Johnstone scored    5-0
 Mike Schmidt  Homered  Hutton scored    7-0
 *Johnny Oates   Singled to RF  —    7-0 
 Dick Ruthven  Sacrificed  Oates to 2B    7-0
     Passed Ball - Oates to 3B  
 Dave Cash  Walk  —    7-0
 Larry Bowa  Fouled Out to 1B   —  
 Garry Maddox  Singled to CF  Oates scored, Cash to 3B    8-0
 Greg Luzinski  Walked  Maddox to 2B    8-0
 Jay Johnstone  Singled to RF  Cash, Maddox scored; Luzinski to 3B  10-0
     Balk - Luzinski to 3B, Johnstone to 2B   
 Tommy Hutton  Walked  —  10-0
 Mike Schmidt  Struck Out  —  10-0
10 runs, 10 hits, 0 errors, 3 LOB